Confidence Man - Confident Music For Confident People

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Confidence Man's "Confident Music For Confident People" is an electrifying sonic cocktail that's bound to elevate your mood and get you grooving. This album is a vibrant fusion of infectious beats, sassy lyrics, and unapologetic dancefloor anthems that celebrate self-assuredness. From the disco-infused rhythms of "Don't You Know I'm in a Band" to the pulsating energy of "Out The Window," Confidence Man delivers an irresistibly catchy and fun-filled sonic adventure. With their bold and charismatic presence, this Australian outfit invites you to let loose and embrace your inner confidence, making "Confident Music For Confident People" the perfect soundtrack for a night of uninhibited dance and self-expression. Join the party and immerse yourself in the euphoric world of Confidence Man.

1 - Try Your Luck
2 - Don't You Know I'm in a Band
3 - Boyfriend (Repeat)
4 - C.O.O.L. Party
5 - Out the Window
6 - Catch My Breath
7 - Bubblegum
8 - Better Sit Down Boy
9 - Sail Boat Vacation
10 - All The Way
11 - Fascination

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