Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg

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Dry Cleaning's "New Long Leg" is an evocative musical journey that defies convention and delves deep into the realms of post-punk artistry. This album is a captivating blend of propulsive rhythms, poetic lyricism, and unapologetic originality. From the hypnotic and unconventional storytelling in "Strong Feelings" to the pulsating energy of "Scratchcard Lanyard," Dry Cleaning delivers an experience that feels both cerebral and intensely visceral. Their distinctive sound, characterized by Florence Shaw's spoken-word vocals, creates an atmosphere of intrigue and introspection that lingers long after the music stops. "New Long Leg" is not just an album; it's a captivating narrative that challenges the boundaries of contemporary rock, making it an essential addition to any discerning music enthusiast's collection. Immerse yourself in the thought-provoking world of Dry Cleaning and let "New Long Leg" take you on a voyage like no other.

1 - Scratchcard Lanyard
2 - Unsmart Lady
3 - Strong Feelings
4 - Leafy
5 - Her Hippo
6 - New Long Leg
7 - John Wick
8 - More Big Birds
9 - A.L.C
10 - Every Day Carry

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