Eyesore and The Jinx - Jitterbug

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The debut album "Jitterbug" by Eyesore and the Jinx serves as a poignant reflection of tumultuous times and personal transformation. Conceived amidst the chaos of 2020's unforeseen challenges and shaped by profound loss and self-discovery, the album emerges as a testament to resilience and renewal. Vocalist and bassist Josh Miller's candid narration unveils a journey of rebuilding and confronting mortality, imbuing each track with raw emotion and introspective depth. Through poignant lyricism and heartfelt melodies, "Jitterbug" encapsulates the absurdity and vulnerability of transition, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into the artist's journey from despair to catharsis.

1 Self Improver 
2 No More Nails
3 Nocturnal Atheletes (Ode to Bruno)
4 Big Brain
5 Consonant Please, Carol
6 Propranolol Theme
7 The Itch
8 Float Like A Jellyfish ( Sting Like A Subtweet)
9 Horsebox
10 Sleepeless
11 What Doesn't Kill You

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