Thundercat - It Is What It Is

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Embark on a genre-defying sonic voyage with Thundercat's album 'It Is What It Is,' an exquisite blend of funk, soul, and avant-garde experimentation that invites listeners into a world of musical innovation. Released in [Year], this album is a celebration of Thundercat's virtuosity and distinctive vision, where each track unfolds as a testament to his genre-blurring artistry. From the funk-infused grooves of 'Dragonball Durag' to the poignant introspection of 'Fair Chance,' Thundercat's mesmerizing compositions capture a range of emotions and sonic textures. Immerse yourself in the spellbinding sounds of 'It Is What It Is' on vinyl, where the analogue warmth and tactile engagement enrich the album's depth, inviting you to revel in the sonic intricacies. This release isn't just an album—it's a sonic odyssey, an invitation to embrace the fluidity of musical expression and a testament to Thundercat's remarkable ability to transcend musical norms.

1 - Lost In Space / Great Scott / 22 - 26
2 - Innerstellar Love
3 - I Love Louis Cole (feat. Louis Cole)
4 - Black Qualls (feat. Steve Lacy, Steve Arrington, & Childish Gambino)
5 - Miguel's Happy Dance
6 - How Sway
7 - Funny Thing
8 - Overseas (feat. Zack Fox)
9 - Dragonball Durag
10 - How I Feel
11 - King Of The Hill
12 - Unrequited Love
13 - Fair Chance (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Lil B)
14 - Existential Dread
15 - It Is What It Is

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