Arthur Russell - Picture of Bunny Rabbit

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"Picture of Bunny Rabbit" unveils a remarkable collection of nine previously unreleased performances from a crucial chapter in Arthur Russell's career. These tracks were thoughtfully selected from two unique test pressings, one graciously provided by his mother and sister, dated 9/15/85, and four additional discoveries from his tape archive. The album features standout recordings, including a poignant solo rendition of "In The Light of a Miracle" and the enigmatic title track, "Picture of Bunny Rabbit," composed as a tribute to a friend's pet rabbit. The bulk of the material was crafted in the heart of New York, both at Battery Sound Studios, situated just across from the World Trade Center, and at Arthur's apartment studio in the East Village. In 1986, Arthur Russell's HIV diagnosis coincided with the release of his career-defining masterpiece, "World of Echo," the sole solo album issued during his lifetime. His illness tragically curtailed the artistic growth and exploration encapsulated in this album, and within a mere six years, Arthur's presence was lost. His final years were marked by a profound commitment to creativity and unwavering dedication to live performances, particularly within New York's avant-garde dance community, where his unique collaborations earned him a posthumous Bessie Composer Award in 1993, solidifying his legacy as a multifaceted artist.


1 Fuzzbuster #10
2 Not Checking Up
3 Telling No One
4 Fuzzbuster #06
5 The Boy With a Smile
6 Fuzzbuster #09
7 Very Reason
8 Picture of Bunny Rabbit
9 In the Light of a Miracle
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