Bar Italia - Tracey Denim

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Introducing "Tracey Denim," Bar Italia's debut album on Matador, a captivating revelation of the band's inner workings now that we know it consists of the talented trio Jezmi Tarik Fehmi, Sam Fenton (of the duo Double Virgo), and Nina Cristante (an accomplished "intuitive trainer" and nutritionist, with ties to Dean Blunt). This self-produced masterpiece feels like a fog lifting, revealing crisper chords, sprightlier rhythms, and stickier hooks, all while maintaining its hushed mood and subtly worn textures. Bar Italia unapologetically wears its influences, channeling the likes of the Cure, Slowdive, and Pavement, as showcased in tracks such as "Clark" and "changer." In "Tracey Denim," the band elevates their signature lo-fi murk to the forefront, allowing the guitars to shine with chiming post-punk riffs and robust basslines. Dissonance plays a more strategic role, adding a metallic glow to the melodic lines, while groove-infused rhythms reminiscent of the Stone Roses and My Bloody Valentine make a prominent appearance. Bar Italia's multi-part vocal interplay offers a unique twist, though it's their weakest point. The broken-mirror storytelling approach adds a fresh dimension to familiar themes like anxiety and unrequited love, but at times, the vocals falter. Despite this, their smart chord progressions and appealing production make "Tracey Denim" a compelling record that pays homage to the timeless sounds that have fueled underground rock for generations.


1 Guard
2 Nurse!
3 Punkt
4 My Kiss Era
5 F.O.B.
6 Missus Morality
7 Yes I Have Eaten So Many Lemons Yes I Am So Bitter
8 Changer
9 Horsey Girl Rider
11 Best in Show
12 Clark
13 Harpee
14 Friends
15 Maddington
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