Bjork - Debut

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Step into the ethereal world of Björk's groundbreaking musical artistry with her debut album simply titled "Debut," a masterwork of genre-blurring creativity and innovation. Released in 1993, this album introduced Björk's unique vocal stylings and experimental sound to the world. With its fusion of electronic beats, orchestral arrangements, and Björk's mesmerizing vocals, "Debut" is an exploration of sonic landscapes that defy convention. Experience the magic of classics like "Human Behaviour" and "Venus as a Boy" as the vinyl spins, each track a testament to Björk's ability to weave emotions into sound. Own a piece of musical history and relish the tactile warmth of vinyl, a format that enhances the album's timeless allure. "Debut" on vinyl is a portal into the boundless imagination of one of music's true pioneers.

1 - Human Behaviour
2 - Crying
3 - Venus as a Boy
4 - There's More to Life Than This
5 - Like Someone in Love
6 - Big Time Sensuality
7 - One Day
8 - Aeroplane
9 - Come to Me
10 - Violently Happy
11 - The Anchor Song

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