Mort Garson - Journey to the Moon and Beyond

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Die Cut Sleeve / Mars Coloured Vinyl / Insert and Poster

Much like the ever-recurring beauty of spring, the Mort Garson archives never cease to amaze, and the latest revelation, "Journey to the Moon and Beyond," unveils fresh layers of his artistic brilliance. This captivating collection includes the soundtrack for the 1974 blaxploitation film "Black Eye," featuring the iconic Fred Williamson, as well as previously undiscovered musical gems created for advertising. Another majestic gem is "Zoos of the World," where Garson's music accompanies the captivating world of exotic animals from a 1970 National Geographic special. While we're left wondering about the intriguing origins of a title like "Western Dragon," these three compositions were unearthed in the archives, leaving us to marvel at the mysteries within.


1 Zoos of the World
2 The Big Game Hunters See the Cheetah
3 Western Dragon (Pt. 3)
4 Western Dragon (Pt. 2)
5 Moon Journey
6 Music for Advertising #6
7 Black Eye (Main Theme)
8 Western Dragon (Pt. 1)
9 Music for Advertising #7
10 Captain DJ Disco UFO (Pt. II)
11 Three TV IDs
12 Music for Advertising #8
13 Love Is a Garden
14 The D-bee's Cat Boogie
15 Black Eye (End Credits)
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