Bicep - Isles

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Enter the enchanting realm of Bicep's "Isles" album, a sonic voyage that beckons you to explore uncharted musical waters. With an artful fusion of propulsive rhythms and atmospheric textures, this record transcends conventional electronic music, inviting you to embark on a spellbinding auditory expedition. From the hypnotic rhythms of "Apricots" to the shimmering synths of "Sundial," Bicep demonstrates their masterful ability to craft an immersive sonic landscape that feels both intimate and expansive. "Isles" isn't merely an album; it's an evocative journey, a rhythmic odyssey, and a  testament to Bicep's unparalleled creativity. Let this album be your guide into the sonic wilderness, where every track is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

1 - Atlas
2 - Cazenove
3 - Apricots
4 - Saku (feat. Clara La San)
5. Lido
6 - X (feat. Clara La San)
7 - Rever (feat. Julia Kent)
8 - Sundial
9 - Fir
10 - Hawk (feat. machìna)

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