Bjork - Post

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Björk's 'Post' is a groundbreaking musical masterpiece that defies conventions and propels you into the heart of avant-garde exploration. With Björk's ethereal voice as your guide, each track is a sonic adventure that transports you through a kaleidoscope of genres and emotions. From the infectious beats of 'Hyper-Ballad' to the haunting beauty of 'Possibly Maybe,' 'Post' is a sonic tapestry that weaves together elements of electronic, trip-hop, and experimental pop, creating a musical landscape that's as unpredictable as it is enchanting. This album stands as a testament to Björk's fearless creativity, pushing boundaries and challenging musical norms, making it an essential addition to any music lover's collection. Immerse yourself in the sonic wonderland of 'Post' and discover why it remains a timeless classic in the world of avant-pop.

1 - Army of Me
2 - Hyperballad
3 - The Modern Things
4 - It's Oh So Quiet
5 - Enjoy
6 - You've Been Flirting Again
7 - Isobel
8 - Possibly Maybe
9 - I Miss You
10 - Cover Me
11 - Headphones

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