Bobby West and The Outsiders - Bobby West and The Outsiders

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Bobby West and his band immerse listeners into a meticulously crafted sonic landscape that mirrors the raw, gritty essence of his reality. With a blend of poignant lyricism and captivating melodies, they traverse through the shadows of life, infusing dark narratives with a shimmering, sun-kissed aura. West's vocals, akin to a modern-day Sinatra of the streets, weave tales of struggle and resilience with haunting beauty, inviting audiences to embrace the complexities of existence through the transformative power of music.

1 El Paso Take 2
2 Gentle Heart
3 Verona to Grizedale
4 Loverboy
5 Blood Tub
6 Hanging By a Thread
7 I'd Wait All Night
8 Aint Born To Hur
9 Big Kahuna
10 As Long As We Had It
11 Misery Loves Company
12 All My Years

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