Can - Ege Bamyası

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CAN's "Ege Bamyasi" is a sonic gem that defies categorization, a testament to the avant-garde spirit of its creators. With its fusion of rock, funk, and experimental elements, this album embarks on an audacious musical journey that's both intellectually stimulating and irresistibly groovy. From the iconic riff of "Vitamin C" to the hypnotic rhythms of "Sing Swan Song," "Ege Bamyasi" is a mesmerizing sonic odyssey that continues to captivate listeners with its unique blend of genres and its ability to challenge the boundaries of conventional music. Dive into the enigmatic world of CAN and let "Ege Bamyasi" be your gateway to a transcendent auditory experience that defies easy description.

1 - Pinch
2 - Sing Swan Song
3 - One More Night
4 - Vitamin C
5 - Soup
6 - I’m So Green
7 - Spoon

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