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Step into the groundbreaking world of DJ Shadow with "Endtroducing," a pioneering album that revolutionized the landscape of instrumental hip-hop and electronic music. Crafted meticulously from an extensive array of samples, this masterpiece unveils a sonic journey like no other. Each track is a mesmerizing mosaic of sounds, drawing you into a world of intricate beats, haunting melodies, and evocative atmospheres. DJ Shadow's innovative approach to production and his ability to weave a seamless narrative through a patchwork of samples have earned "Endtroducing" its legendary status as the first-ever completely sample-based album. Immerse yourself in a timeless classic that has left an indelible mark on the music industry, a must-have for audiophiles, vinyl collectors, and anyone seeking an unparalleled sonic adventure.

1 Best Foot Forward
2 Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
3 The Number Song
4 Changeling
5 **Transmission 1
6 Stem/Long Stem
7 **Transmission 2
8 Mutual Slump
9 Organ Donor
10 Why Hip Hop Sucks In '96
11 Midnight In A Perfect World
12 Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain
13 What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1 - Blue Sky Revisit)
14 **Transmission 3
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