Echo & the Bunnymen - Evergreen

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Immerse yourself in the dreamy melodies and atmospheric soundscapes of Echo & the Bunnymen's "Evergreen," an album that showcases the band's evolution while staying true to their signature sound. From the shimmering guitars of "Nothing Lasts Forever" to the haunting beauty of "Just a Touch Away," this album captivates listeners with its timeless elegance and emotional depth. With its lush production and evocative lyrics, "Evergreen" is a testament to Echo & the Bunnymen's enduring appeal, offering a captivating listening experience that transports listeners to another world. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to their music, "Evergreen" is sure to leave a lasting impression with its mesmerizing melodies and heartfelt sincerity.

1 Don't Let It Get You Down
2 In My Time
3 I Want to Be There
4 Evergreen
5 I'll Fly Tonight
6 Nothing Lasts Forever
7 Baseball Bill
8 Altamont
9 Just a Touch Away
10 Empire State Halo
11 Too Young to Kneel
12 Forgiven
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