Farcry 3 - Blood Dragon OST

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The "Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Soundtrack" is an electrifying synth wave adventure that catapults you straight into the heart of 1980s nostalgia. Crafted by Power Glove, this album artfully fuses pulsating retro beats with a futuristic edge, resulting in an adrenaline-pumping, neon-soaked auditory experience that impeccably complements the high-octane action of the video game. Each track is a musical voyage, immersing you in a cybernetic world of warfare where retro-futurism reigns supreme, making it not just a soundtrack but a standalone musical journey through time.

1 Rex Colt
2 Blood Dragon Theme
3 Helo-73
4 Warzone
5 Moment Of Calm
6 Dr Elizabeth Darling'
7 Power Core
8 Protektor
9 Sloan
10 Sloan's Assault
11 Blood Scope
12 Combat I
13 Combat II
14 Combat III
15 Katana
16 Omega Force
17 Nest
18 Rex's Escape
19 Love Theme
20 Sleeping Dragon
21 Warcry
22 Cyber Commando
23 Death Of A Cyborg
24 Resurrection
25 Blood Dragon Theme (Reprise)

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