Gruff Rhys - Sadness Sets Me Free

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Delve into the introspective musings and heartfelt melodies of Gruff Rhys' "Sadness Sets Me Free," an album that navigates the complexities of human emotion with grace and sincerity. From the melancholic beauty of "Frontier Man" to the whimsical charm of "Negative Vibes," this album captivates listeners with its poignant lyricism and lush instrumentation. With its introspective themes and infectious melodies, "Sadness Sets Me Free" offers a comforting embrace in the midst of life's uncertainties, reminding listeners that even in moments of sadness, there is beauty to be found. Whether you're a longtime fan of Gruff Rhys or new to his music, "Sadness Sets Me Free" is a must-have addition to any music collection, destined to resonate deeply with listeners of all backgrounds.

1 Sadness Sets Me Free
2 Bad Friend
3 Celestial Candyfloss
4 Silver Lining (Lead Balloons)
5 On the Far Side of the Dollar
6 They Sold My Home to Build a Skyscraper
7 Peace Signs
8 Cover Up the Cover Up
9 I Tendered My Resignation
10 I'll Keep Singing
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