J Dilla - Donuts 10th Anniversary

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Indulge in the flavorful beats and soulful melodies of J Dilla's iconic album, "Donuts." Crafted by the legendary hip-hop producer James Yancey, also known as J Dilla, this timeless collection transcends musical boundaries with innovative sampling techniques and intricate arrangements. From smooth and laid-back grooves to upbeat and energetic vibes, "Donuts" takes listeners on a journey that keeps heads nodding and hearts swaying. A poignant testament to J Dilla's creativity and dedication, this masterpiece remains a must-have for hip-hop enthusiasts, connecting them to the soul of a legendary producer whose influence continues to resonate in the music world and beyond.

1. Donuts (Outro)
2. Workinonit
3. Waves
4. Light My Fire
5. The New
6. Stop
7. People
8. The Diff'rence
9. Mash
10. Time: The Donut Of The Heart
11. Glazed
12. Airworks
13. Lightworks
14. Stepson Of The Clapper
15. The Twister (Huh, What)
16. One Eleven
17. Two Can Win
18. Don't Cry
19. Anti-American Graffiti
20. Geek Down
21. Thunder
22. Gobstopper
23. One For Ghost
24. Dilla Says Go
25. Walkinonit
26. The Factory
27. U-Love
28. Hi.
29. Bye.
30. Last Donut Of The Night
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