King Geedorah - Take Me To Your Leader

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Special Issue Red Vinyl

King Geedorah's 'Take Me To Your Leader' is a sci-fi-infused hip-hop odyssey released in 2003 under the moniker of the legendary MF DOOM. The album, featuring DOOM's intricate rhymes and production, weaves a narrative of intergalactic conquests and cosmic adventures. With guest appearances from a stellar cast of MCs, 'Take Me To Your Leader' showcases DOOM's lyrical prowess and innovative production, creating a space-themed concept album that remains a cult classic in the hip-hop genre.

1 Fazers
2 Fastlane (Feat. Biolante)
3 Krazy World (Feat. Gigan)
4 The Final Hour (Feat. MF Doom)
5 Monster Zero
6 Next Levels (Feat. Lil' Sci, ID 4 Winds and Stahhr)
7 No Snakes Alive (Feat. Jet-Jaguar and Rodan)
8 Anti-matter (Feat. MF Doom and Mr. Fantastik)
9 Take Me to Your Leader
10 Lockjaw (Feat. Trunks)
11 I Wonder (Feat. Hassan Chop)
12 One Smart Nigger
13 The Fine Print

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