Lankum - False Lankum

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Dead Air Album of The Year Contender

False Lankum" by Lankum is a haunting and evocative album that delves deep into the heart of traditional Irish folk music, infusing it with a contemporary twist. The album's mournful ballads and stirring harmonies create a timeless and emotionally resonant sonic tapestry, inviting listeners to explore the rich tapestry of Ireland's musical heritage. It's a captivating and heartfelt homage to the traditions of the past, presented with a fresh and innovative perspective.

1 - Go Dig My Grave
2 - Clear Away in the Morning
3 - Fugue I
4 - Master Crowley's
5 - Newcastle
6 - Fugue II
7 - Netta Perseus
8 - The New York Trader
9 - Lord Abore and Mary Flynn
10 - Fugue III
11 - On a Monday Morning
12 - The Turn

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