MF DOOM - Operation Doomsday

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Beneath his enigmatic metal mask, MF DOOM embodies the epitome of underground legend. Following the shelving of KMD's second album "Black Bastards" in 1994 and the tragic loss of his brother Subroc, Zev Love X transformed into the supervillain MC, MF DOOM, leaving an indelible mark on the rap world. In 1999, "Operation: Doomsday" emerged as DOOM's official debut, unveiling a mysterious yet brilliant artist who would become an influential voice in underground rap. Through its 19 tracks, the album reflects DOOM's unique blend of personal experiences, clever wordplay, and innovative creativity, reshaping everything from cartoon themes to '80s soul and rap classics into something entirely fresh. Even today, MF DOOM's legacy endures, showcasing the power of self-belief in the face of adversity, as "Operation: Doomsday" remains a timeless cult classic, celebrating his enduring influence and resilience in the rap game.


1 The Time We Faced Doom
2 Doomsday
3 Rhymes Like Dimes (Feat. DJ Cucumber Slice)
4 The Finest (Feat. Tommy Gunn)
5 Back in the Days
6 Go With the Flow
7 Tick Tock (Feat. MF Grimm)
8 Red & Gold
9 The Hands of Doom
10 Who Do You Think I Am? (Feat. King Ghidra, Kong, K.D., Megalon, Rodan & X-Ray)
11 Doom, Are You Awake
12 Hey
13 Operation Greenbacks (Feat. Megalon & King Geedoarh)
14 The MIC
15 The Mystery of Doom
16 Dead Bent
17 Gas Drawls
18 Question Mark (Feat. Kurious Jorge)
19 Hero Vs Villain
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