Nick Ellis - Adult Fiction

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Local Legend

Adult Fiction" is a musical novel, each song a chapter inspired by ancient folklore passed down by my 105-year-old Aunt Molly Amero. It unfolds the poignant tale of a Liverpool architect who built the enchanting Princes Road Boulevard in Toxteth Park, a sacred space designed for community gathering. This sophomore release, following "Grace & Danger" and "Daylight Ghosts," was recorded at Liverpool's historic Adolf Gustav Nordic Church, adding weathered bass, percussion, and harmonies with the collaboration of Edgar Jones and Mark Percy. The narrative weaves around the tragic love story behind the boulevard, where the shattered architect wanders its empty avenues in search of his lost love's ghost. This sonic journey captures the essence of Liverpool's history and maritime roots, a fusion of storytelling and evolving instrumentation. The live launch at St Bride’s Church in Liverpool on November 18, 2016, marked a poignant chapter in this musical narrative.


1 All Night Long

2 The Blue Soul
3 Clockwatching
4 Your Love
5 Raga Psalm
6 By Your Side
7 Heartbreak City
8 A Ballet Of Midnights
9 The Bistro Confessional
10 She Devil Woman
11 Victorias' Theme
12 A Girl Called Desire
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