Nick Ellis - Speakers' Corner

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Local Legend

"Speakers' Corner," the third album by Nick Ellis in as many years, emerges from the fiery cauldron of the historic and explosive Spring and Summer of 2017. Born out of the uncertain and anxious atmosphere of a divided Britain caught in the midst of significant cultural, social, and political shifts, Ellis weaves a narrative that resonates with the zeitgeist of the times. Inspired by the disappearance of the iron podium at Liverpool's Pier Head, a symbolic focal point for public speaking, Ellis invents his own "Speakers' Corner." In this musical journey, he introduces twelve vivid characters, each given life through song, forming a record that delves into the streetscape noir with mercury-quick fingerpicking and a no-nonsense Tin-Pan Alley approach. Channeling influences like Nick Drake, Billy Bragg, and John Martyn, Ellis digs deep into Liverpool's radical history to uncover the roots that define the city's characteristic voice. "Speakers' Corner" is a testament to the power of words, capturing the essence of folklore and preserving it through Ellis's compelling songs and stories.

1 I Get Love

2 Impractical iDEAS
3 Sally-Go-Round The Roses
4 Jesus Of Twine
5 Around Midnight
6 Mick's Walk
7 Wrote My Baby A Letter
8 The She Club Mystery
9 The Fisher-Bendix Tree
10 Blue Summer
11 Hearts And Minds
12 Lawrence Road Breakdown
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