Open Mike Eagle and Paul White - Hella Personal Film Festival

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This collaborative effort between Open Mike Eagle and Paul White is a cinematic musical experience that skilfully weaves insightful storytelling with eclectic beats. "Hella Personal Film Festival" takes you on a journey through the personal and the profound, offering a unique narrative that feels both intimate and universal. With its blend of wit, introspection, and musical innovation, this album is a captivating exploration of the human condition, a soundtrack for the stories we all carry within us.

1 Admitting The Endorphin Addiction
2 I Went Outside Today (feat Aesop Rock)
3 Dang Is Invincible
4 Check To Cheek
5 The Curse Of Hypervigilance (in Politics, Romance & Cohabitation)
6 Insecurity
7 Smiling (Quirky Race Doc)
8 Leave People Alone
9 A Short About A Guy That Dies Every Night
10 Protectors Of The Heat (feat Hemlock Ernst Of Future Islands
11 Insecurity Pt. II (The Moor That Merry Her)
12 Dive Bar Support Group
13 Drunk Dreaming
14 Reprieve
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