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Pulp's 'This Is Hardcore' is a dark and cinematic exploration of the complexities of fame and desire. Released in 1998, the album marks a departure from the britpop sounds of its predecessor, offering a more introspective and experimental sonic landscape. Jarvis Cocker's lyrics delve into the darker sides of celebrity culture, while the music weaves together orchestral arrangements and electronic elements. From the title track's haunting allure to the pulsating rhythm of 'A Little Soul,' 'This Is Hardcore' remains a bold and provocative statement in Pulp's discography.

1 The Fear
2 Dishes
3 Party Hard
4 Help the Aged
5 This Is Hardcore
6 TV Movie
7 A Little Soul
8 I'm a Man
9 Seductive Barry
10 Sylvia
11 Glory Days
12 The Day After the Revolution
13 Tomorrow Never Lies
14 Laughing Boy
15 The Professional
16 This Is Hardcore (End of the Line Mix)
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