Shame - Food For Worms

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In the evolution of Shame's musical odyssey, "Drunk Tank Pink" emerges as a bold departure, a sonic shift that delves into uncharted territory with the abandon of a band unafraid to reinvent itself. Fueled by wit and earned cynicism, the album sheds the pint-sloshing teenage vitriol of its predecessor, "Songs of Praise," arriving at a place of hard-won maturity. With "Food for Worms," self-proclaimed as the "Lamborghini of shame records," the band showcases a sonic landscape that marks a departure from their post-punk origins, embracing eclectic influences from the tense atmospherics of Merchandise to the sharp yet uncomplicated lyricism of Lou Reed. For the first time, Shame turns outward, capturing the world around them and exploring themes of friendship and camaraderie, acknowledging a dearth of popular music that celebrates the bonds between mates. Renowned producer Flood joins forces with the band to execute their vision, embracing imperfections and recording each track live, infusing the album with texture and an authenticity that transcends the pursuit of perfection. "Drunk Tank Pink" is not just a musical evolution; it's a courageous embrace of vulnerability, a testament to the band's fearless exploration of uncharted creative waters.

1 Fingers of Steel
2 Six-pack
3 Yankees
4 Alibis
5 Adderall
6 Orchid
7 The Fall of Paul
8 Burning By Design
9 Different Person
10 All the People
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