Sleaford Mods - UK Grim

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"UK Grim" by Sleaford Mods is a raw and unfiltered commentary on modern British society, delivered with biting wit and a relentless punk attitude. The album's minimalistic electronic beats and Jason Williamson's acerbic lyrics create a powerful sonic snapshot of working-class life in the UK. It's a visceral and unapologetic portrayal of social and political realities, showcasing Sleaford Mods' unique ability to capture the frustrations and absurdities of contemporary life.

2 - D.I.Why
3 - Force 10 from Navarone (Feat. Florence Shaw)
4 - Tilldipper
5 - On the Ground
6 - Right Wing Beast
7 - Smash Each Other Up
8 - Don
9 - So Trendy (Feat. Perry Farrell & Dave Navarro)
10 - I Claudius
11 - Pit 2 Pit
12 - Apart from You
13 - Tory Kong
14 - Rhythms of Class

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