Smog - Knock Knock

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Discover the enchanting world of Bill Callahan's Smog with the album "Knock Knock." Released under his stage name Smog, Callahan masterfully weaves a tapestry of introspective and haunting melodies. "Knock Knock" enchants listeners with its raw and emotive songwriting, where Callahan's unmistakable baritone voice, accompanied by minimalistic instrumentation, delves into themes of love, loss, and the intricacies of human relationships. Each track bears a rare intimacy, drawing the audience into a contemplative realm, as if peeking into Callahan's own soul. From the melancholic ballads to the witty and poetic narratives, the album stands as a hauntingly beautiful collection that leaves a profound and lasting impression on all who listen, solidifying Callahan's place as a revered songwriter and a captivating musical storyteller.

Track Listing:

  1. L Move To The Country
  2. Held
  3. River Guard
  4. No Dancing
  5. Teenage Spaceship
  6. Cold Blooded Old times
  7. Sweet Treat
  8. Hit The Ground R
  9. I Could Drive Forever
  10. Left Only With Love
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