The Breeders - POD

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Dive into the timeless allure of The Breeders' "Pod," a musical gem that transcends eras and captivates with its raw, unfiltered energy. This iconic album, originally released in 1990, is a sonic journey that effortlessly melds alternative rock, punk, and dream-pop, creating an immersive experience for music enthusiasts. Crafted by the prolific Kim Deal and Tanya Donelly, "Pod" stands as a testament to The Breeders' innovative spirit and artistic prowess. With its magnetic blend of haunting vocals, dynamic instrumentals, and evocative lyrics, this album has earned its place as a classic in the alternative music landscape. A must-have for collectors and newcomers alike, "Pod" continues to resonate with its groundbreaking sound, leaving an indelible mark on the rich tapestry of musical history.


1 Glorious
2 Doe
3 Happiness Is a Warm Gun
4 Oh!
5 Hellbound
6 When I Was a Painter
7 Fortunately Gone
8 Iris
9 Opened
10 Only in 3's
11 Lime House
12 Metal Man
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