Tirzah - Trip9love...???

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Explore the intimate world of Tirzah's "Trip9love...???" an album that blurs the lines between R&B, electronic, and experimental pop with its minimalist production and soulful vocals. From the hypnotic groove of "Sink In" to the dreamy atmospheres of "Send Me," this album captivates listeners with its raw emotion and understated beauty. With its stripped-down arrangements and intimate lyricism, "Trip9love...???" offers a deeply personal glimpse into Tirzah's inner world, inviting listeners to share in her journey of self-discovery and reflection. Whether you're a fan of alternative R&B or simply appreciate artistry that pushes the boundaries of genre, "Trip9love...???" is sure to leave a lasting impression with its haunting melodies and heartfelt sincerity.

1 F22
2 Promises
3 U All the Time
4 Their Love
5 No Limit
6 Today
7 Stars
8 He Made
9 2 D I C U V
10 6 Phrazes
11 Nightmare
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