Tom Waits - Rain Dogs

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"Rain Dogs" by Tom Waits is a gritty and cinematic tour de force that captures the essence of urban decay and human resilience. With its eclectic blend of blues, jazz, and avant-garde influences, each track on this album unfolds like a series of vivid vignettes, populated by a cast of misfits, outcasts, and dreamers.

1 Singapore
2 Clap Hands
3 Cemetery Polka
4 Jockey Full of Bourbon
5 Tango Till They're Sore
6 Big Black Mariah
7 Diamonds and Gold
8 Hang Down Your Head
9 Time
10 Rain Dogs
11 Midtown (Instrumental)
12 9th & Hennepin
13 Gun Street Girl
14 Union Square
15 Blind Love
16 Walking Spanish
17 Downtown Train
18 Bride of Rain Dogs (Instrumental)
19 Anywhre I Lay Head
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