Wednesday - Rat Saw God

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Rat Saw God is an album that unfolds like a vivid memory, reminiscent of pedalling down a suburban Greensboro street, the soundtrack of My Bloody Valentine on your first-generation iPod Nano. It's a journey past a creek cluttered with discarded glass bottles and condoms, yards cluttered with rusted car parts, and a decaying house swallowed by kudzu vines. Within its melodies, you'll find tales of Four Lokos, rodeo clowns, and a kid setting a cornfield ablaze, alongside roadside memorials, quirky church signs, and the thrill of sneaking poppers and vodka in a plastic water bottle, reminiscent of the shenanigans at Jewish summer camp. These songs hum with the spirit of the South, where summer nights spill into fall, filled with the echoes of high school football games and the warm glow of stadium lights piercing the darkness. It's an album that finds the extraordinary in the ordinary, capturing the blurry, chaotic, and peculiar aspects of real life, a reflection of my belief that every person's story is worth telling because people are endlessly fascinating. Rat Saw God is a tapestry of tiny moments that, when stitched together, create something extraordinary—a song, an album, a person, a piece of life's art.

1 Hot Rotten Grass Smell
2 Bull Believer
3 Got Shocked
4 Formula One
5 Chosen to Deserve
6 Bath County
7 Quarry
8 Turkey Vultures
9 What's So Funny
10 TV in the Gas Pump
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