Yves Tumor - Praise a Lord Who Chews but Which Does Not Consume (Or Simply Hot Between Worlds)

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Dead Air Album of The Year Contender

Yves Tumor's musical odyssey has been nothing short of extraordinary, beginning in the experimental noise underground and swiftly ascending to greater heights with an insatiable thirst for bigger stages and boundless creativity. They once mused, "I only want to make hits. What else would I want to make?" Their evolution from the dark sensuality of "Safe in the Hands of Love" in 2018 to the audacious theatrics of "Heaven to a Tortured Mind" in 2020 was marked by a relentless devotion to the art of recording, crafting perfect sounds within the realm of implied space. Yves Tumor's sanctuary lies in headphone space, a realm of transformation and revelation. With "Praise a Lord Who Chews but Does Not Consume (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds)," they hit an inflection point, enlisting Noah Goldstein, known for his work on "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," and the legendary guitar sound architect Alan Moulder. The result is an ecstatic fusion of alt-rock and R&B, a mysterious crossroads where Loveless meets Purple Rain. Guitars roar with jet engine force, a signature of Moulder's shoegaze mastery, while Tumor's doubled vocals resonate with echoes of Prince. In tracks like "Operator," they unleash a haunting, feline-like yip, a poignant nod to Prince's unmistakable auditory signature.

1 God Is a Circle
2 Lovely Sewer
3 Meteora Blues
4 Interlude
5 Parody
6 Heaven Surrounds Us Like a Hood
7 Operator
8 In Spite of War
9 Echolalia
10 Fear Evil Like Fire
11 Purified By the Fire
12 Ebony Eye
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